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Jul 11 2011
May 6 2011

IE9 does not like Scott Hanselman

Or maybe it does not like Miguel de Icaza? I was downloading the next video to watch on my WP7 [Miguel de Icaza, Scott Hanselman & Dan Fernandez @MIX11]. But again (I have encountered this alread...

Dec 11 2009

Diskeeper 2010

Finally there is one company that has seen the way forward to make the slowest part of most systems perform better. Diskeeper 2010 with IntelliWrite(tm)

Feb 10 2009

Windows 7

It has been a long while since I posted something here, so here goes, another rant. I was reading the Engineering Windows 7 blogpost about Disk Defragmentation and I instantly got the annyo...

Jan 23 2008

Microsoft eScrum

I need to vent some frustrations here: Microsoft eScrum website "Your session expired. Please refresh your page to reconnect!" is just about driving me nuts here. I like working the 'Scrum'...

Oct 19 2007

Vista beep

Aargh, sometimes you wonder: What were they thinking? What kind of drugs were they on? And it can't have been a single dev, it must have been just about all the MS employees dog-fooding Longho...

Oct 5 2007

The ASP.NET 2.0 Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks.

When one of the principal authors of this blogs' engine* writes a book about ASP.NET, I just feel the need to plug it. I haven't read a line in it and yet I have confidence that this is a usef...

Jun 25 2007
Oct 10 2006

Downloading Windows Live OneCare (beta)

I got an E-mail today asking me to join the Windows Live OneCare Beta (v1.5). Not a huge thing to blog about, except that the E-mail and where/how you need to download this has a lot of resemblanc...

Aug 25 2006

Does Vista Improve the Start Menu?

Travis has the same problem I have, all the time.

I have no idea if Vista has a solution for this, would be interesting to try out.

My solution these days is to keep my favourite shortcuts in a...

Aug 1 2006

Auto-AutoArchiving in Outlook?

I hope the following is (will be) supported in Outlook 2007:

Allow to set Auto-AutoArchiving on all folders in Outlook. So that it keeps track the last time you accessed the item: i.e. opened i...

Apr 19 2006

Relaunching the blog using SubText

After a while not having had my own little corner to spout my raves and rants and ideas, I'm back again.