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Here are a few things I found interesting in the realm of Open Source and .NET

SharpDevelop has turned 10

Times are flying! This nice IDE has now been around 10 years, and like the Visual Studio it has progressed into the full blown development environments we all know and use.

However, SharpDevelop is developed in managed code since the get-go. And it has featured some features long before Visual Studio had them. One such feature was the ability to compile to different versions of the .NET runtime.

Cosmos MS5 released

Yet another amazing Open Source project. Like Singularity and SharpOS this is an OS that is written in a .NET language and boots into a CLI. The .net micro framework could also be considered a Managed Code OS.

SharpOS seems to have spun off into MOSA as the SharpOS project on SourceForge no longer show any activity for the last year.

ReactOS is a full native Windows like OS


Reference links:

Wikipedia: Visual Studio History

Posted by: Rudi Larno
Last revised: 19 Jan, 2012 08:47 PM


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