Happy belated SharpDevelop

SharpDevelop has turned 10, congratulations!

I still find it amazing that such a project exists, has existed and continues to exist. I hardly find the time to update my blog, let alone spend time contributing to a project like this. I wish I could use SharpDevelop more to really find out how amazing this project is. I remember it having cross-targeting support (being able to build .NET 1.0,1.1 and 2.0) before Visual Studio. I'm sure today it has more such features that one would expect in the commercial product.

Another aspect that shows how good it is, is that MonoDevelop is actually based on an early version of SharpDevelop. Both have gone their seperate ways, but it's another tribute to the design of SharpDevelop that it could enable developers to start of with a pretty awesome IDE to start building apps for Mono.

Posted by: Rudi Larno
Last revised: 19 Jan, 2012 08:47 PM


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