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I need to vent some frustrations here:

Microsoft eScrum website "Your session expired. Please refresh your page to reconnect!" is just about driving me nuts here. I like working the 'Scrum' way and using TFS to track workitems, code, unit tests, builds all in a single place is just super, but the eScrum website that Microsoft has made available, is just crap (sorry for the lingo).

Really, it blings out using ajax stuff, but it shows a real lack of usability if something like session state is being used server-side.

People who know me, know I have build many web-applications, starting since 1996, with perl-cgi scripts, and believe me: Session is Evil

I have been bitten by all the problems Session can cause, and there is only 1 allowed use for session state in my world: it is to keep some information between two autogenerated requests, where you know the second request will come in before the session times out. If a user or external system is involved, you do not know this, so you should never use Session in such a case.

But here is the eScrum website, which I typically open up in the morning and use several times during the day. And just about each time I go back to it, and want to update a workitem, I get the -in your face- dialog box, it is a symptom of bad design. Anything that is stored in that session object is most likely caching, or plain useless, as a simple refresh (which is just a request) without sending any information to the website can recreate the session. So why, when there is an Ajax call to fetch data from the site, does it first need to recreate this session object explicitly by doing a refresh?

Posted by: Rudi Larno
Last revised: 19 Jan, 2012 08:47 PM


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