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Jun 6 2012

Installing Visual Studio 2012 RC

Failed due to the need to have ~10GB of disk space!

Feb 24 2012
Feb 17 2012

Using EF 4.3 Code First Migrations with Sql Server Compact 4.0

How to enable EF 4.3 Migrations to work with Sql Server Compact

Feb 8 2012
Feb 1 2012
Jul 12 2011

Bulk load items to a EF 4.1 Code First DbContext

I have some logic to import data (from an Excel file) into the database using EF. var configurations = data.LoadConfigurations(configurationsExcel, componentTypes);

foreach (var config in con...

Jul 11 2011
Jul 4 2011

Simple WCF Ria Services EF 4.1 Scaffolding

Update: Colin Blair has kindly taken over the Scaffolding support, for the latest go get RiaServicesContrib.EntityFramework.Scaffolding.

Jun 8 2011

Alternative way to fix the May-Nov 2011 TFS VPC for the Low Disk Space issue

As I was working with the awesome Visual Studio 2010 VM created by Brian Keller, it just recently expired and found that the new released ‘edition’ that will expire Nov 2011 had a problem with low...

May 6 2011

IE9 does not like Scott Hanselman

Or maybe it does not like Miguel de Icaza? I was downloading the next video to watch on my WP7 [Miguel de Icaza, Scott Hanselman & Dan Fernandez @MIX11]. But again (I have encountered this alread...

Apr 22 2011

TFS Power Tools - Process Template Editor - Validation Error: The description property is required.

I was customizing a Process Template and had customized a few thing directly in the xml files. I then used the Team Foundation Server Power Tools Process Template Editor to modify a few other se...

Apr 13 2011

IE9 Weird screen issue

Seems like the only blog posts I do lately are from weird issues I get: Somehow IE9 has trouble rendering the text, it showed up correctly at first. Note that selecting the text, does render it...

Apr 12 2011

IE9 Self-Organizing Software?

This is a nice ‘feature’ of IE9: taken from the IEBlog It can recognize what is causing IE9 not to perform to its best effort. So it shows the above message and the details to allow the user t...

Mar 18 2011

IE9 is not updating Silverlight Xap file?

The ‘beauty of the web’ is giving me problems with Silverlight 4 applications. I am publishing a new version of the application to the webserver, but IE9 is refusing to download (or even check?) f...

Mar 18 2011

Weird behaviour in VS2010

I have been using a Database project in VS2010 for some time now, and since switching to my new machine, once every so often I get this dialog box, out-of-the-blue. There are no other database ...

Mar 15 2011

URL shortners redirecting me to virus scam pages

I have not yet found out who or what is the culprit, but this has now occurred once to often to be just a coincidence. Today I clicked a link in Jesse Liberty’s tweet: and ...

Oct 6 2010

Why are we saving code as text?

Why not save code as code and not as 'plain' text files.

Oct 6 2010

Interesting news

Here are a few things I found interesting in the realm of Open Source and .NET SharpDevelop has turned 10 Times are flying! This nice IDE has now been around 10 years, and like the Visual Studio...

Oct 5 2010

Happy belated SharpDevelop

SharpDevelop has turned 10, congratulations! I still find it amazing that such a project exists, has existed and continues to exist. I hardly find the time to update my blog, let alone spend time...

Oct 5 2010

Back online

It has been a while since I wrote anything here, and yes there are 3 huge reasons for that. 16 December 2008 - Alec Larno was born 16 May 2010 - Loic Larno was born webhost4life upgrad...

Dec 11 2009

Diskeeper 2010

Finally there is one company that has seen the way forward to make the slowest part of most systems perform better. Diskeeper 2010 with IntelliWrite(tm)

Feb 26 2009


MyDefrag is a powerful free disk defragmenter

Feb 10 2009

Windows 7

It has been a long while since I posted something here, so here goes, another rant. I was reading the Engineering Windows 7 blogpost about Disk Defragmentation and I instantly got the annyo...

Jan 23 2008

Microsoft eScrum

I need to vent some frustrations here: Microsoft eScrum website "Your session expired. Please refresh your page to reconnect!" is just about driving me nuts here. I like working the 'Scrum'...

Dec 5 2007

The Web Bubble 2.0

Having lived through the first Bubble and still have stuff to show for it: (kinda), I found this music video 'The Bubble is Back!' made by The Richter Scales hilarious. (Vi...

Oct 26 2007


Just had a "blast from the past" Descent II Source Code: Windows XNA version : Descent II mo...

Oct 19 2007

Vista beep

Aargh, sometimes you wonder: What were they thinking? What kind of drugs were they on? And it can't have been a single dev, it must have been just about all the MS employees dog-fooding Longho...

Oct 17 2007

How to improve MSDN/Visual Studio Documentation

Given some of my 'feelings' about how we learn about new technology, as written in the previous post, I felt the need to fill in the Visual Studio Content Survey. MSDN is often the first st...

Oct 5 2007

The ASP.NET 2.0 Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks.

When one of the principal authors of this blogs' engine* writes a book about ASP.NET, I just feel the need to plug it. I haven't read a line in it and yet I have confidence that this is a usef...

Jul 12 2007

Under Construction

I'm starting a new chapter in my life, building my own home. And after a long wait, we finally got started (subtitles are in dutch):

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